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The material of Transformer
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The material of Transformer 

To wind a transformer, we must have a certain understanding of the materials related to the transformer. For this reason, I will introduce this knowledge .Cangzhou Kenuo machinery- welcome you
1. Core material:
The core material used in the transformer mainly includes iron sheets, low silicon sheets, and high silicon wafers. The addition of silicon to the steel sheets can reduce the electrical conductivity of the steel sheets and increase the electrical resistivity, which can reduce the eddy current and reduce the loss. We usually called the silicon-added steel sheet as silicon steel sheet. The quality of the transformer has a great relationship with the quality of the silicon steel sheet. The quality of the silicon steel sheet is usually expressed by the magnetic flux density B. Generally, the B value of the black iron sheet is generally 6000-8000, low silicon wafer is 9000-11000, high silicon wafer is 12000-16000,
2. The materials usually used for winding transformers:
Enameled wire, sandbag wire, wire wrapped wire, commonly used enameled wire. For the requirements of the wire, the conductive property is good, the insulating paint layer has sufficient heat resistance, and has a certain corrosion resistance. Generally, the Q2 model of high-strength polyester enamel is widely used.
3. Insulation material:
In the process of winding transformer, the isolation between the coil frame layers and the isolation between the windings are all made of insulating materials. The general transformer frame material can be made of phenolic paperboard, and the interlayer can be separated by polyester film or paper. Yellow wax cloth for isolation is also ok.
4. Impregnating materials:
After the transformer is wound, it is necessary to go through a process, which is to impregnate the insulating varnish. It can enhance the mechanical strength of the transformer, improve the insulation performance and prolong the service life. Under normal circumstances, cresol varnish can be used as the impregnating material.



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