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Multi-holing transformer core cutting machine
Multi hole transformer core cutting machine is mainly used for straight core cutting, mitered core cutting,punching silicon steel multi-holes core for transformer or reactors. This can cut many holes in the same level, but also have the function of swing cutting, punching notching, and step lap function.
Detailed introduction

Multi-hole core cutting machine
HJ-3002B Multi-hole transformer core cutting machine
Model: HJ-2002/3002/5002/6002-B

Introduction and Usage
This machine is mainly used for multi-holes transformer core cutting machine,swing shear,mitered cutting,step lap functions.

Cutting length: 1mm-99999mm
Shearing thickness: 0.8-4.0mm
The shearing precision: +-0.02mm
The shearing angle: Max0.025 degrees
Cutting burr height: Max0.02mm
Punching burr height: Max0.03mm
Shear speed:1-100 pieces per minute
1. Cutting power: adopts domestic famous brand inverter motor, high speed, low noise, long life.
2. Feeding power: adopts big torque AC servo motor, quick response, high precious positioning, low noise, small thermal braking, and long life.
3. Rail positioning: step motor, ball screw linear guide transmitting, central positioning,
quick and precious.
4. Motion control: by advanced PLC, HMI operation, simple and convenient.
5. Lamination collecting: transmitting bell plus unloading rack.
6. Life assurance: Imported world famous linear guide and ball screw, high precious milling parts
and high precision assembly, extend life of the machine.
 Picture Finished cutting products

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