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What is the Layout of the core cutting machine Production line
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What is the Layout of the core cutting machine Production line


1) Where shall we put the machine in the workshop? which gap should be there between the machine and other objects (walls, other machines parts, etc.)?


Reference space: 10meters in length,2 to 3 meters in width. It is according to the core cutting machine models and types. We have different size of straight core cutting machine, swing shear core cutting machine,V- notching machine, muti-holes punching machine, middle leg core cutting machine, paper box cutting machine and other crgo cutting machines.


2) What are the floor surface requirements for installing the core cutting machine equipment? Do we need a foundation or dig a pit or ground anchor bolts fixed?


Reply: Place the core cutting machine directly without any foundation. If the ground is uneven, use rubber pad to level it.


3) Can you draw a plan for installing the line, with the distances between the machines and the required service area?

Reply: The core cutting machine layout drawings, installing instruction book and operation book will supply with core cutting machines.


4) What is the size of the wire used for your core cutting machine?


Use 4 square for the installed cable, Three-phase four-wire three-fire one-ground


5) What is the maximum power consumption of the line when all units are operating normally?

Reply: It depends on the core cutting machine models.

For a common set 500mm width core cutting machine usually 12-14 Kw

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