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What are PPGI and GI?
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What are PPGI and GI

PPGI and GI are kind of steel materials.

PPGI is the abbreviation of prepainted galvanised steel, Galvanized prepainted steel (plate/strip).
PPGI is a product made by surface treatment (degreasing, phosphating, chromium-hydrochloric acid passivation) of coated steel (hot galvanized, aluminum-zinc-plated, nickel-plated, etc.), then coated with color paint, and then heat treated.
Advantages: It not only has the mechanical strength and easy formability of steel plate, but also it has good decoration and corrosion resistance of organic materials. The coating has strong adhesion and can maintain a novel color for a long time.
Application: it widely used in various fields such as construction, home appliances, furniture, public facilities and transportation.

GI is galvanized steel plate or strip.

The machine process PPGI,GI used now is rolling forming machine, cold forming machine, punching machine.
PPGI steel
GI steel strip

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