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The basic characteristics of the rectangle open core
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     The basic characteristics of the rectangle open core (open-type three-dimensional wound iron core) transformer/Unicore)

     Each group of laminated core usually adopts three-level seam, five-level seam or seven-level seam misaligned diagonal seam, while each group of folded iron core adopts more misaligned direct seam. The relationship between each group/level and magnetic density: each group of rectangle open core(foldable iron cores) can choose more seam levels to reduce iron loss. Among them, each stage can choose one piece in one stack, two pieces in one stack, and three pieces in one stack. Experiments show that the iron loss of two-piece stack and three-piece stack is almost the same as one-piece stack, but the efficiency is greatly improved.
    Compared with the laminated core, the folding three-dimensional open iron core reduces the weight by about 15-20%, and reduces the material consumption by about 20-25%, which reduces the core loss without load and the assembly process is simple.

     The direction of the magnetic flux of the folded three-dimensional open core is consistent with the direction of the magnetic permeability of the material, the vibration is small during operation, and the noise is 10dB-25dB lower than that of the laminated core.

    The packing factor of the laminated core is generally 0.890.92, and the packing factor of the rectangle open core is 0.950.96. The rectangle open core adopts four-corner bending form to realize precise positioning.

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