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Dissipate the heat of the transformer
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Dissipate the heat of the transformer
radiator is to dissipate the heat of the transformer. Because only the heat sink of the transformer can be used normally, we can ensure the safety of the instrument to the greatest extent. At present, there are two kinds of transformer heat sinks: the first is used as a chip radiator, generally with high-quality cold-rolled steel plate (ST13). The other is a heat sink for a corrugated fuel tank, made of 08AL steel plate. The latter type of radiator has a better coefficient of expansion and is often used as a fully sealed corrugated fin transformer oil tank. Of course, different heat sinks still have different uses. Therefore, when we install the transformer, we should preferably be able to install the transformer in a ventilated environment, so as to maximize the heat dissipation of the transformer.

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