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Safety operation regulation of CRGO core cutting machine
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Regulations for CRGO core cutting machine JN

This regulation hereby specifies the safety operation of JN- NC transverse core cutting machine and cut to length

2 regulations

In order to control the accuracy, prolong the work life, and protect the safety of the person and machine, below regulations must be strictly observed during operation:

2.1    Before install this machine, ensure the machine bottom wire connected with the earth wire, and check whether all the wires connected firmly

2.2    Dress the work suit and work caps (with caps especially for woman)

2.3    Must check if the machine handle and running parts work normal before driving

2.4    Fill the common engine oils to the guide rod and eccentric bearing, two to three drops is enough

2.5    Check if it is dirty on the feeding rollers, clean the surface.

2.6    Steel core material should be placed on the staking table vertically, and while griped, to ensure the feeding and equipment cutting on the same line. It is strictly prohibited to touch the material or the electrical machine during the operation.

2.7    It is prohibited to lay any tools, measuring tools, gloves and others on the machine lead rail, mould tool and equipment surface.

2.8    During the machine running, the person away from the machine is not allowed.

2.9    After close the running, cut off the electricity power and clean the surface.

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