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Slitting line installation in Bangladesh
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BGJ1250-06 variable frequency speed regulating slitting line (hydraulic pressure)

We have just finished the slitting machine installation and works training in Bangladesh by our factory engineer, he did a good job and returned safely today.


The slitting line that slit the CRGO to different size strips speed of 60-100m per minutes and 80-140 per minutes. Constructed by

6Ton Hydraulic pressing decoiler, 6Ton hydraulic pressing recoiler                      ,

Variable frequency roll slitting machine, Double pneumatic guide pressing device, 6Ton new type electric feed-in and feed-out lifting vehicle , Electric control panel, DELTA PLC systems, Hydraulic station, Grinding machine,12 number of YG20 carbide scissors

The configuration of the sensor, length measuring device, intelligent digital display meter, the cutting length that required can be preset,(unit precision:0.1m) sound alarm when reaching the number. Welcome your inquiry.


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