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Transformer industry Magazine
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We are State- focused high technique enterprise that develop and manufacture the CNC Transformer core cutting machine ,C.R.G.O.Cutting machine,Silicon steel cut to length line, CRGO lamination cut to length device,transformer unicore cutting machine, CRGO slitting machine etc.
We are the agent of MITSUBISHI,SIEMENS,OMRON,DELTA and other imported converter, PLC, Text display, man-machine interface.
Our products have showed in the magazine of TRANSFORMER INDUSTY managerd by Shenyang Transformer Research Institute,which created in the year of 1964.It is one of the core periodicals of Chinese electrical technology magazine. It is the only periodical published at home and abroad in China's Transformer specialty. It is the excellent sci-tech periodical of Chinese machinery industry and the statistical source journal of Chinese science and technology paper.

Last week,we jointed the Tripod transformer and reactor magazine and technical communicated.
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