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Ausin product list
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 CTL Products list
JN2002/3002/3003/4003/5003/6003/8003  Transformer core cutting machine series:
JN3002/4002(S)- CNC transformer core and reactor core straight cutting machining( straight cut)
JN3003/4003/5003-CNC transformer core cutting machine
JN5003C-CNC transformer core mitered cutting machine
JN5003VC-CNC transformer core V notch cutting machine (swing shear)
JN5003DS Full Automatic CRGO cut to length line  (export type)
JN-500Z CNC Transformer core center limb cutting machine
JN-3002B Multi-hole transformer core punching machine
JN400U 3D Unicore Machine(Squre,Rectangle,Triangular type)
JN-1500 Metal shear machine
JN1250 CRGO Automatic Slitting machine
1300-400 Corrugatd fin tank forming machine
CNC foil winding machine
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