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Silicon steel slitting line
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Silicon steel slitting line


1.This slitting line is used for slitting silicon steel coils or CRGO coils.Silicon steel slitting line is necessary equipment in the manufacturing of transformer industry and related electric industries.

2.The slitting thickness of automatic steel coil slitting machine ranges from 0.23mm to 0.5mm

3.The suitable width for this slitting line is from 1000mm to 1250mm.

4.The silicon steel slitting line has high precision and hid working speed.And its slitting speed can reach 60m/min and the strip precision can be up to 0.1mm.


Parameters of Silicon steel slitting line:

1.Slitting width:600-1250mm

2.Slitting thickness:0.23-0.5mm

3.Coil weight:5-8tons

4.Slitting strip width:min.40mm

5.Slitting strips:max.10

6.Work speed:0-60m/min adjustable

7.Power supply:as per customers request

8.Controlling:PLC automatic control,touch screen operation



1.There should be 2-5 workers in the line.And the other people should be stay far away from the silicon steel slitting line.

2.Yellow characters should be installed around the equipment to indicate off-limits place on railings.

3.Please remember to lubricate gears and chains on this silicon steel slitting line.

4.Add the coil properly in order to keep the weight balanced.The coil car and reset only after fix and expand the coil into decoiler tightly.

5.First press the coil head by traction roll,and then open the package of the coil,to prevent the coil head bounced off.

6.Operators shall be banned to stand on the coil when machine running.

7.Moving coil directly by hand is forbidden

8.When silicon steel slitting line has any problem,stop and check the machine immediately.

9.Do not remove or change circuit.If there is any problem,please consult professional technicians.

Maintenance and Lubrication:

First,you should check machine units whether loosen or damaged.The oil pipes must be smooth and be filled oil regularly.After work you must be sure that the parts of silicon steel slitting line are normal,such as electrical parts,hydraulic parts,and pneumatic parts.After work main power should be cut off,and the automatic steel coil slitting machine should be cleaned up.


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